MYSQL Chaining

This describes setting up a new chain with mysql replication.
This is the basic layout. (M master, S1 slave of master, S2 slave of S1)
M <- S1 <- S2
Creating a chain:
  1. On S1:
stop slave; systemctl disable mysqld; show slave status\G # COPY THIS TO TEXT FILE show mater status\G # COPY THIS TO TEXT FILE
service mysqld stop;
  1. Create an image of S1, this will be S2. In GCP go to the VM instance of S1, click on its disk, click create Image.
Log into your new image, S2:
  1. edit /etc/my.cnf, add a way to skip the start of a slave.
[mysqld] skip-slave-start
  1. Remove the old UUID, this needs to be unique, so delete it,
rm -f /var/lib/mysql/auto.cnf
  1. change the server-id to anything unique
vi /etc/my.cnf, find "server-id" change it to something unique EG ** server-id=1552009061
  1. systemctl enable mysqld; #ensure mysql will start on boot
  2. service mysqld start;
  3. reset slave;
  4. Set the new master position. These should be the numbers from step 1.
  1. start slave;
  2. remove, from /etc/my.cnf the skipping of a slave
[mysqld] skip-slave-start ← remove
12 from /etc/my.cnf , ensure read-only = true

  1. go to S1; systemctl enable mysqld; service mysqld start;


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